Formula Carrier Materials

BTS Purchasing Programs offer fresh, customized, proprietary formulas compounded into resin pellets in the appropriate carrier material for specific product applications. Added during standard processes, no special tooling is required. The load rate may range from approximately .60 to 2.5 percent, a determination made upon product analysis.  Formula compounds are made exclusively in the USA. Customized export programs are available. 

T-Shirt Bags

The most widely used plastic bag in the world, T-Shirt or T-sacks bags are one of the biggest culprits of landfill volume.  Many contain food scraps which bloat and expand, similar to garbage bags; 10% of bags account for 60% of landfill volume. Stock programs or custom printed to advertise biodegradability, all FTC information requirements are displayed. Contains recycled content. 

Can Liners & Bag Products

Fully-biodegradable can liners or trash bags are available in a wide variety of gauges and sizes. All the basics are available as stock items or for retail programs.  In addition to biodegradability, BTS Biodegradables offers a repellent additive using citronella and mint, or a natural botanical formula,  able to repel insects attracted to garbage, including flies, dangerous mosquitoes, and small rodents.  Plastic bag products include biohazard bags, hospital laundry bags, packaging bags, garment bags and more. Most bags contain recycled content.

Bottles - Reuse, Recycle

The BTS Biodegradables additive does not affect the recycled content or prevent continued recycling of PET or rPET bottles, and does not negatively affect shelf life, contents, clarity or color.  In addition to water bottles, BTS Biodegradables offers gallon and half-gallon milk containers and other liquid and food containers, cosmetic containers, and custom product development. Contains recycled content.

Films - Stretch, Shrink, Food Grade & Other

One of the least recycled disposable products entering landfills, film waste accounts for a large percentage of unnecessary volume. Converting to biodegradable to soil films highly affect landfill volume reduction.  FDA approved for food contact, food stretch film coordinates well with biodegradable styrofoam trays. Traditional packaging stretch films are available as hand wrap and mechanical wrap. Custom applications include boat shrink film and other unique applications.


PP injection molded cups and lids offer biodegradability to a wide variety of customer's applications; airline squat cups, fast-food service cups, hospitality use, retail programs and more. Additionally, for those markets using polystyrene, cups remain crystal clear and retain all the features normally associated with this content. Disposable custom cups, lids, and drinking straw programs are available. 

Serviceware & Cutlery Kits

As with BST Biodegradables drinkware, custom retail or corporate programs are offered. Stock items include disposable cutlery kits in biodegradable film, packaged cutlery, and full-service tableware. Content options are PP or polystyrene. 

Bottle Preforms & Caps

Biodegradable bottle preforms are a new product we are offering for companies manufacturing custom bottles. Highly cost-effective, biodegradable preforms and caps are available in many sizes and shapes, including gallon and half-gallon milk containers or jugs.  A custom program can be developed for your specific requirements. Contains recycled content.

Tablecloths & Plastic Sheeting w Insect Repellent

Uniquely ours and available for retail or private-label branding, BTS Biodegradables disposable tablecloths target the volume waste associated with single-use table covers. Additionally, we offer our natural insect repellent formula, FDA approved for food handling, to create an effective zonal area of protection around the table, including repelling dangerous Zika virus-carrying mosquitos known to hide under tables and bite seated persons.  Sheeting in continuous rolls or perforated lengths is ideal for construction areas, events or any area where ground or table cover, especially with the repellent, can create a safer environment while offering biodegradability. Contains recycled content.

Private Label Products

BTS Biodegradables is able to construct an ideal production model for your unique products or product development.  Bottles, containers, formed hard plastic items, bottle or can ring and many other types of products can be considered for true biodegradability using BTS Biodegradables additive formulas.

Hard Plastic Products

The use of hard, formed plastic products ranges from hinged food containers, uniquely ours,  to formed containers of all kinds. Additionally, almost any extruded or injection molded shaped product or component can benefit and become fully biodegradable to soil by incorporating the appropriate BTS Biodegradables additive formula. 

Dry Cleaner & Garment Bags

Disposable garment covers are primarily used by dry cleaners and fashion retailers. Their disposal is a huge contributor to landfill waste and they are not able to be recycled or repurposed into anything beneficial. 

Coming Soon!

As we expand into more products and program models, we will be offering drinking straws, disposable gloves, food packaging trays, clamshells, and other useful, disposable products.