Biodegradable Technology Solutions or BTS Biodegradables is uniquely innovative solution-based biodegradable plastics company offering US manufacturing of a remarkable additive formula able to convert all types of plastics to natural, organic hummus or soil in microbial environments in an accelerated period of time. The proprietary formulas combine to effectively make plastic polymers digestible, converting them into basic carbon materials, normally found as the byproducts of organic biodegradation.

       Consider the current problem of plastics in landfills. Most degradable materials require oxygen and sunlight (OXO and PLA based) to ‘decompose’ or compost...elements NOT available once in a landfill where reactivity is based on pressure, temperature, and darkness. Degradation of a plastic bag can take from 400 to 1,000 years and the result is fragmented plastic 'sand', not conversion of the plastic into an environmentally useful byproduct, such as soil.


      These fragments, or plastic 'sand', migrate back into the environment, affecting our food, water, and soil while contributing heavy toxins in the process. Not really a real ‘solution’ if you think about it...



Formulas for Land & Sea

A successful formulation for true biodegradability is not 'one size fits all' process. Each plastic polymer-based product is evaluated and a specific formula assigned. The gauge, weight, density, type of equipment used and other factors all affect the final product and come into play to determine a correct ratio or formula for assured biodegradability results.

BTS Biodegradables contracts select manufacturers to produce BTS product programs implementing the BTS Biodegradables formula additives following strict guidelines and procedures to ensure proper integration. While BTS is not a direct manufacturer, we are positioned to offer some basic products, primarily bag and film categories.  
A Natural Insect-Repellent Formula

Our natural, botanical oil-based insect repellent formula adds a new dimension to core products, repelling dangerous stinging, biting and crawling insects including flies, virus-carrying mosquitoes, and small rodents while protecting vital pollinators such as honey bees, bats, and butterflies.  Biodegradable and repellent can liners, tablecloths & specialty products.

Partnership Manufacturing
BTS Biodegradables ideally works with finished product manufacturers by providing additive programs for imported or domestic production of fossil-based products.  Distribution partnerships are ideal for expansion of biodegradable-to-soil solutions offered by the BTS additive model. Disposable plastics made from EVA, HDPE, PET, LDPE, LLDPE, GPPS, PP, HIPS, Nylon, PVC and Polycarbonate are ideal candidates for a superior 'end-of-life' cycle of true biodegradability.