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Biodegradable Technology Solutions, or BTS Biodegradables, offers proprietary, patent-pending formulas able to reduce plastic compounds to a useful soil material in conditions where microbes and bacteria congregate, such as landfills, debris piles or other anaerobic, aerobic and marine environments. The carbon atoms in the polymer chains are broken apart and digested by organic living organisms, returning the plastic to the carbon cycle of Earth. This is true biodegradability.


 A wide variety of plastic polymer materials are able to be affected by the BTS Biodegradables formulas as additives, reducing plastic to soil, harvestable methane and water.


Image the possibilities:


Single use plastic t-shirt  or "to go" bags are the most commonly used bag in the world. BTS additive converts these popular bags into useful eco-soil in a few short years.  Compare BTS results to the 400 - 800  yearsuntreated bags  require to break down into fragmented,  plastic 'sand'.


Learn more about this unique technology and how you can implement a workable end-of-life cycle to your plastic use:



 Correct Tests Identified

The ASTM D6400, a test often referenced as the 'gold standard' is a rating designed specifically and only for compostable materials but is not used to test all biodegradable materials. Compostables are designed to break down in aerobic conditions with high levels of oxygen as is commonly introduced by composting facilities, but do not compost in landfills, where there is a lack of oxygen and sunlight creating an anaerobic environment.  


 Unless compostable products remain on the surface for a long period of time, they do not break down once covered with normal landfill debris. There is no access to necessary oxygen and light, and decomposition slows down incrementally within the top 18” of the landfill.  


 In a landfill, as the plastic is pushed further down, these necessary elements for decomposition fully cease to exist; their life in a landfill then becomes hundreds to thousands of years to fragment into small plastic particles that never really ‘go away’. 


The relevant tests used to determine true biodegradability are the ASTM tests for break down in aerobic, anaerobic and marine environments. Learn more about ASTM testing for biodegradability:




Products &      Additives Program


 The goal of  BTS Biodegradables formula additives programs is to ensure effective, biodegradable-to-soil results for your specific, disposable plastic products.


We implement programs for use of BTS proprietary formulas in carrier materials added to your third-party production, your product supplier or for internal product



A failsafe implementation model guarantees product formulas are properly integrated and managed throughout the production cycle.


Learn more about our product development & additives program:


Our Mission

“Solution-based technologies are now more important than ever. Plastics are not going to go away in our lifetime, so addressing the end-of-life cycle by converting these materials into something useful and beneficial to Earth and for future generations is a workable, sustainable model. We all need to become better custodians of our planet; affecting plastics positively is a great place to start...”

Victoria D'Angelo

Product Development Director

Biodegradable Technology Solutions

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